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Students of Professor Jeanine Group

This group is about staying connected with students of Jeanine Buben (Buben-Croy). We meet for visits and meals whenever possible. My students from Johnson & Wales University, Corinthian Colleges (Everest College Thornton), Front Range Community College, Arapahoe Community College, Red Rocks Community College, Career Enrichment Park Adult Education, Gove Community School Adult Education, and Jeffco Adult Education, Student Support Services (Jeanine's Tutoring), and other schools Jeanine taught at -- all welcome to connect and join us for friendship and catching up. Looking forward to seeing you soon! 

Please post ideas for meeting in an informal social setting such as:

coffee shops,

community centers, 

recreation centers,


online forums such as Zoom,

starting a business,

setting up an accounting system,

computerized accounting (online),

computerized accounting (desktop),

manual accounting,

business loans,

getting insurance,

other suggestions.

Please let Jeanine know ( what topics you would like Jeanine to talk about and lead the group in discussion about such as:

resume writing to get past computer selection software,

interviewing techniques and questions,

finding employers or clients to work with,

building your skill set,

other suggestions.

Please share any articles that might be helpful to the group such as:

career or job topics,

computer or technical resources,

marketing or jobfinding ideas,

other suggestions.


We will spend the first 15 - 20 minutes introducing ourselves, identifying what school or program you met Jeanine as your instructor, and telling us where you work as an employee or business owner.  Then Jeanine will give a brief talk to introduce the topic followed by a discussion by all in the group. 

Events will be confirmed by the start of December 2020 but will be subject to change.  Confirmations must be by yes responses to Jeanine at   by two days prior to a proposed event.

*The face-to-face activities require a yes confirmation from those who wish to attend.  Jeanine may be required to make a reservation at the facility at hand especially if the group is large.  Participants should bring $5 to $20 for beverages and snacks, but lunches and dinners may cost more at specific venues.

*The online activities on platforms such as Zoom will require participants to login from their own computers with Internet and speaker capabilities.  

January 2021         TBA    Welcoming New Opportunities

February 2021       TBA     Growing New Skills Through Education and Continued Professional Education

March 2021           TBA     Preparing a Resume and Cover Letter

April 2021             TBA     Preparing Business Cards and Brochures for a Business

May 2021            TBA       Looking for a Job and Marketing Your Skills

June 2021           TBA       Starting a Business and Marketing Services

July 2021            TBA       How to Network Face-to-Face

August 2021       TBA       How to Network on Social Media

September 2021 TBA       Joining Professional Organizations

October 2021     TBA       Public Speaking and Professional Presentations

November 2021 TBA       Working Remotely for Your Business or Employer

December 2021  TBA      Celebrationg Diversity and Interculteral Holidays

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