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Tax Litigation Support for Attorneys

In today's world of increasingly complex litigation attorneys simply cannot do it alone in helping their tax clients.  Your probability of a success increases when you have the expertise of an experienced Remote Tax Analyst / Enrolled Agent licensed by the US Department of the Treasury on your tax litigation team. More than a general practice or litigation paralegal, Jeanine is specifically trained in tax compliance for corporations, partnerships, trusts and estates, and individuals.  She is knowledgeable about the US Tax Code (USTC), US Tax Regulations (US Regs), Generally Acceptable Accounting Principles GAAP), tax law, business law, bankruptcy law, and insurance law from 20 plus years as a tax preparer/reviewer and specialized legal/financial higher education. 

Jeanine holds a Master of Taxation Degree in Accounting from the University of Denver, Graduate Tax Program of the Sturm College of Law and Daniels College of Business, along with a Paralegal Certificate from an American Bar Association Approved General Practice Program from Kaplan College Thornton, Denver Paralegal Institute.  Her undergraduate training includes a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Accounting, a Bachelor's of Business Administration Degree in Finance with Minors in Economics and Business (Management), and an Associate's of Arts Degree in PreLaw.  She additionally is an Enrolled Agent federally licensed by the US Department of the Treasury to assist taxpayers in IRS proceedings such as audits, offers in compromise, payment plans, extensions of time to pay or file tax returns.  She can help your clients directly up until the point of litigation proceedings in US Tax Court, at which point I may assist with litigation support as a paralegal under your attorney's direct supervision.  Jeanine has worked in securities litigation cases and personal injury cases for attorneys in past employment and temporary/contract law firm assignments.  She knows practically about litigation support beyond her training from graduate tax classes and paralegal classes regarding legal research and writing, keeping trial notebooks, digesting depositions, and organizing evidence for attorneys. 

You get a different point of view, guidance pointing your tax legal team in the right direction, consultation on the most effective documents to use, important questions to ask the opposition, qualified witness testimony and rebuttal of oppositional testimony with the assistance of a Remote Tax Analyst in either an Enrolled Agent and/or a Tax ParaLegal Support Specialist on your team.  You can utilize Jeanine's professional expertise on an ongoing contractual basis or on a pre-arranged project basis.

Jeanine and her network team at Remote Business Solutions, Inc.'s tax compliance services include:

  • Assistance with pre-trial and trial issues
  • Information, document and exhibit creation and collection
  • Clear explanations of the facts regarding accounting, business, and tax
  • Strategy development, data analysis, witnesses preparation
  • Assessment of damages, losses, earnings, profits, disputes, and business value
  • Rebuttal of opposing expert testimony and cross-examination questions
  • Assistance with settlement negotiations

In a nutshell, my tax litigation support service is focused on assisting you as the tax attorney in charge of your tax client cases with tax compliance expertise needed to thoroughly prepare you for your tax court hearings and trials.   Detail tax information, technical tax review/preparation, and tax analysis from a tax analyst practitioner viewpoint can be a valuable resource for your success in defending tax clients.   Please request a brief 15-minute telephone appointment at https://remotebusinesssolutionsinc.org/Appointments.php to discuss how Jeanine can help you and your tax clients increase your chances of winning by contacting us using the form below.  

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